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Purchase Management has a vital role to play, in a manufacturing organization. It procures the items/material required by an organization and thus fulfills the necessary item requirements of various departments. In case of shortage in stock or at reorder level, it deals with multiple suppliers in an endeavor to procure new stock and also makes sure that the material is procured in the best possible quality, cost & time.

The basic purpose of ERP Purchase Module is to streamline the functioning of procurement/purchase of inventory (raw-material), assign orders to suppliers and bill.

  • Blanket & standard Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Purchase Schedule against Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Schedule Approvals
  • Multiple receipts and for a single/multiple purchase order
  • Multiple heads of Tax, Freight, Discounts etc in purchase invoice
  • Integrate with Financial accounts
  • Helping out in picking of last purchased rates in purchase order
  • Automatic locking of purchase order after completion of order