Sale Order Processing is designed to help you control the flow of customer orders throughout your organization. A vast wealth of information is directly accessible while entering an order on-line to assist order entry personnel in accurately recording your customer's order. Once entered, the order is tracked through the issue to production departments, picking, packing, and invoicing processes. Direct sales invoices may also be processed..                                                                                           

-Sale Order, Sale, Sale Return, Quotation.
-Sale Book, Invoice, Challan, Tax and Freight summary, Pending Sale order, Order Status etc.
-Priority wise Production Planning Sheet.
-Production Details, Issue Detail, PO Details, Bill of Material Analysis etc, Costing.
-On line customer credit status in entry screen.
-Point of sale.
-Allocation of ordered material or BOM.
-On line order status in entry screen.
-Material requirement and processing.
-Realization/material cost.
-Integrate with Financial accounts.
-Automatic locking after completion of order