Whether you purchase directly by job or to stock, ACE enterprise solution can provide the real time inventory control needed to make decisions. Our enhanced inventory capabilities give you the flexibility to allocate inventory as soon as jobs are issued, or associated with planned production. To avoid inventory shortages, ACE enterprise solution calculates the projected levels of inventory, while considering on hand levels, allocated levels and minimum levels.


-Store, Department, Process, Material, Adjustment, Voucher, Material Issue, Material Return, Gate Pass, Production. Bill of material.
-Stock Ledger, Stock summary, Gate Pass, Issue Slip, Material under minimum reorder level etc.
-Multiple level of Inventory that can be redefined/restructured at any time later.
-User can also defined their own material codes.
-Multiple level of Bill of material and recursive accessing.
-Multiple Store/department handling.
-Gate pass management.
-Track of returnable material.
-Accounts Navigator for quick searching, auditing and modification the transactions.